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You can imagine the day when Adam and Eve were put out of
the Garden of Eden into an unfamiliar world. But please don't
mistaken God to be the bad guy here. They were both
intelligent and would learn quickly how to survive.
Still, so strange to go from a safe haven like Eden, into a world
that's been evolving where people already exist in the tide of life.

When the time is over,
held back tears will surely flow
Out on the peninsula, there accused I stand alone
Angels come to protect me, I was wrong, but they believed
Loose the chords to set me free

Eventide Millennium

     Hello, Welcome to the Eventide of Music. I’m Paul Dresser.

     What is Eventide? Where did it begin? And what's it all about? Well, since I discovered it, I guess I should have the answers. So let's go back One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Years ago to the Pleistocene. The time and place possibly where Music began.

     Imagine an open range forest. Where mammoths and a variety of strange warm blooded creatures thrived. Amongst these a giant ground sloth. It's amazing how we accept so much of what we learn about, but we just don't really get it until were slammed with the reality of it. So let me recommend to you the giant ground sloth that's on display at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Notice the huge barrel chest the ground sloth has. Well... ask yourself this question:  Did the ground sloth howl?

     Return now to the Pleistocene. Hundreds of giant ground sloths feeding and howling as the sun sets. Their big barrel chests' producing their uncanny vociferations. A sound like the earth has never known before. And off in the distance listening and preparing for the evening is a form of man. How primitive this setting. How wild the distant sounds. Huge barreled howls resonating in the ambient dusk. Music's first debut in her earliest recognition of thought on earth. Music performed and heard.

From the old comes the new  

     So let's bring Music forward to Manhattan, New York City. Have you ever heard of a place called "Tin Pan Alley?" One of the wildest times Music has ever had was in "Tin Pan Alley." It's possible to feel a time gone by through Music. These feelings help bring out our higher selves. From the ivory tusk of mammoths to the ivory keys on the pianos playing in Tin Pan Alley. The music publishing center of the world. An evolution of sounds and words flowing through time, spiraling into the poetry of Tin Pan Alley.

     I agree that much of what your reading here comes from my imagination. However, I disagree with the Futurists of our time. A Futurist might tell you don't worry, with the advancements of technology, computers will write your music for you. Interesting, what does a song written by a computer program sound like? What music samples are used against sporadic patterns? And with this new genesis of sound pinging over the airways, will the world be a better place because of it? Well, have you been listening to the radio lately? Never thought you'd see the day when maybe having that lost occupation called "Music Critics" all of a sudden become essential, and they need to return to Music. This way we can weed out the computer programmers and get back to human artist. So back to the Futurist. You Futurists cannot see as far as the imagination can see. Like poetry, imagination is beyond computers. I dare any Futurist to come forward and tell the truth. The truth being that computers are just a crutch that man will use along his journey. Take a look further down the road. We people will pass computers up, and these machines will fall into the past. So what is this corrupt idea of machines writing our music for us? We, who are made in the image of God.


Tin Pan Alley

Come, and take a walk, down the streets of Tin Pan Alley.
Music will be waiting there, and she'll show you what you need.
Do you know me?  Oh yes I know you
And will you hold me?  And I will hold you
But do you see me?  Oh yes I see you
And since you know me, just tell them that you saw me
Your troubles, sorrows and care, She was always willing to share
A wild sort of devil, But dead on the level
Was my Gal Sal
Once in awhile, you will come to know someone
The floor will become the wild and will give you what you want.
Now, that we've evolved, from the Pleistocene when sloths did howl.
One million, eight hundred thousand years before...
Your troubles....  Was my Gal Sal...
Evening lights are, glowing in a damsels eyes
Warming up the tin pan drums
Playing on the pianos
Just tell them that you saw me
Come, and take a walk, down the streets of Tin Pan Alley.
Music will be waiting there, and she'll show you what you need.
Live, and live again, through the brownstone -
mansions night-life whims.
The city stars were brighter back then
And the beat in the alley just roared

                                  Paul Dresser


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 Let the Sea Roar

Begins the sudden travel of a storm
The land is still uncut, a rivers born
The sun reaps what it will from the sand
A hallow wind blows upon the land
Let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof
There's time for peace, there's time for us
A drifters love, is weathered hard
We all belong, let the sea roar
Many a day has vanished in the haze
Millions of people bow their heads to pray
The gift you seek is on the edge of time
If what you need is love, then don't stop trying
Let the sea roar, and...
The rivers flowing, give us love
The rivers flowing, give us hope
High in the canyon, let the sea roar
The sun is burning, in his soul
The sun is burning, we need hope
The drifter cries, let the wind blow
Millions of people, on the edge
Millions of people, sea of hope
The gift you need, will move your soul
Begins the sudden travel of a storm
The land is still uncut...
Let the sea roar, and...

                                Paul Dresser


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Oh So Faraway

If I were to follow you, would it even matter at all?
Higher than the highest mountain, do you ever hear me, when I call?
If we go faraway, farther tomorrow than today.
Sometimes we have got to be a little closer,-
pick the pieces up and carry them onwards.
Oh so faraway, what if we end up failing?
How will we carry on another day?
Will we find our way, in this world we trade?
Across this open plain,
we walk on dangerous domain.
What if all that we have learned, isn't quite our destiny somehow?
Whether it's a path that we want, whether it's a road we end up on.
Then we must find our way, so we can live beyond today.
How far must we travel to get closer?
It seems the change we need is always out there.
Oh so faraway....  In this world we pray....
things of the heart we try to say.
Six days working in the sun, when will the seventh day ever come?
Remember when we came to the crossroads,-
remember when the world was young?
And round and around we go, until the last tales been told.
Sometimes, we have got to be a little closer.
And lift our spirits high before the whole world.
Oh so faraway....
I'll follow you so faraway.

                                         Paul Dresser

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[genre: eventide music] [Eventide] [Eve-n-Tide]
[Who is Paul Dresser?] [Video and Article]

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