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There is a look, a certain glance that occurs in time, where in that instance you have attained your higher self.
There's an affinity that happens, when we see this in others, whether we know them or not.
This world of attraction does exist. So lay the bridges that we must cross. For they are only as long, as we are tall.
Here amongst the millions we will all punch our hands at the sky. The real Question is;   "Will your hand be open?"



Times like a railyard that hums like the bees
the power of the engines and the wheels
A center from which to go,to new and to old
Did you find some time to call your own,
that tracks through your mind and through your soul?
The wind blows upon the stars, to send a man to Mars
An old woman wanders aimlessly
She falls before the sun, where sand and Time are one
She swears that she heard a voice from Mars
But the time that she had was all there was
Time changes everything,
no one can stop the dream
Were always running out of time
While Wisdom dances around, the end is never near
Should Wisdom ever stop, then Time would die from shock
The dream of Light is Time, And we are more than this
But the Omega stands, before all endlessness
The Great Pyramid has tried to stand the test of time
Still it breaks down a little more each day
To a fantasy watch of bliss, to wear upon your wrist
That takes you away to the unknown
And ignites the memories to keep you going...

Paul Dresser

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To Be Alive

Hallelujah, is it more, what I found out in a fog.
As I looked back, what would be, a world burning in fantasy.
Turning away, I dropped lower to the highest ledge.
Feeling the wings my spirit must have, to reach out, I could fly.
As I moved down to the sea, there were waves of mystery.
I was flowing in the wake, there was nothing to be saved.
 To be alive,  needing you apart from the fools,
who are they, against the dreams of our lives? And I tried.
I walk in the trees, thinking of you, believing in me,
knowing the heights of our love, when your near.
Now, now that your gone, I cannot see, I cannot feel,
"To be Alive," needing you, in my arms.
You are like me, when you fall , when you reach.
Deep in your eyes, water falls on our lives.

Paul Dresser

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Comfort Stream

There's a whim that has always been apart of you.
A different drummer, with a different view.
Disillusioned by a hope that never quite came true.
In a world thats falling apart.
From this bridge I can see the earth and all it's blue.
Where I'm standing now, is where I'm going to.
I have heard if it's so, then it was meant to be...
Oh I need a comfort stream, yes I need a comfort stream.
There's a fire, in the barn it's burning high, through the night,
and it calls out your name, come through the flames.
What is left of the love that you want, deep inside,
the souls comfort stream?
And you want to know, just what it is, that holds you back.
And all your searching can't find a thing.
For desire, is won by the call, by the break that few will ever know.
World filled with cold.
Notwithstanding, the truth and the lies,
a comfort stream still flows through your soul.
And you want to know, just what is left of happiness.
For all your searching can't devine the way...
Where will we go, for comfort?
Deep in our souls, warm touches.
What was unknown, for lovers?
Oceans ago, loves last words.

Paul Dresser

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Mornings Tide

The suns bright streaming veil,
lightish through the passing storm clouds.
Gray dawn drifts within the forest,
the earthly brook flows in rejoice.
Leaves are reaching out for warmth,
the deer feel the meadows calling.
Tall trees so mighty and strong,
mornings tide has wings of song.
You need to spiral down,
in braids of colors to the ground.
The rainbows radiance,
intensifies your happiness.
This day is forever,
forever comes, and forever goes on,
on and on.......

Paul Dresser

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